Max Almonte
Creative Photographer
"Emotions and connections guide us to understand one another, a photograph merely captures the two in tandem "
How will people remember you if you never got your photograph taken? What footprint will you leave if you never framed your photograph?  

As life goes on I wanted to capture every moment in a persons life, but we are all to busy to do that until is to late to record. Looking after my father who always carried a camera capturing my childhood I wanted to do the same for mines and others who share that deep bond of what family is.

Today I have grown to be that photographer who looks for bonds deeper than any root in any family Portrait.
As time went by my style developed even further into more editorial and fashion as I began to fuse them together to create  fun, flashy and creative shoot for clients.

I dislike forcing clients to portray something they are not, shouting commands that they don't understand or having them do something they are not confortable with. But I do liek to bring is something different to every shoot. 

It is important for me to know my clients and create that trust before every shoot  and that we are here to have fun. 
Everyone is different, and I like to customize that difference into every shoot.